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Green National Champions pre-qualification

Targeted promotion of the Hungarian green economy

Supporting the technological upgrade developments of manufacturing companies with high growth potential which are engaged in the green economy and green industry is one of the Hungarian government’s key priorities. Hungarian micro, small and medium-sized businesses need to be more integrated into the growing green economy, whether they are manufacturing businesses investing in  energy efficiency improvements, utilizing recycled materials, improving efficiency in water consumption or supplying electromobility investments.

Registration to the Green National Champions prequalification, constituting part of the Hungarian Multi Program (GINOP-1.1.4-16), and participation in the process is a pre-condition to gaining access to the development funding (GINOP 1.2.11-20).

Prequalification process stages

1.    Registration on the website.
The first step of the process is registration on the website. A business may only register once, which will require an email address and a password.

2.    Filling out basic information for automatic verification of minimum criteria for eligibility.
Company name and tax identification number must be input upon initial login (following successful registration) to enable the system to connect the registered profile to the specific legal entity. Automatic verification of minimum eligibility criteria is performed on the basis of this information.

3.    Filling out and submitting prequalification forms.

The system sends each business an automatic reply message to notify whether it meets all the eligibility requirements. If the response is positive, applications for the prequalification process will be accepted from the date indicated in the reply email (most likely sometime in the second half of June) by completing and submitting the form accessible in the given entity’s account.

4.    Receiving the “Green National Champions Prequalification Certificate” following evaluation and successful application.
The prequalification process ends with the issuing of a Certificate, which in case of compliance with all criteria, entitles the business to submit its application for GINOP 1.2.11-20 funding.

5.    Application for development funding (GINOP 1.2.11-20).

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